5G PPP Trusted Partnership

Published by InterInnov

InterInnov's 5G PPP Trusted Partnership is a totally new concept that aims at providing large organisations willing to prepare 5G PPP projects with a flexible and modular offer to help win proposals and perform projects successfully.

Beyond what InterInnov can already provide to H2020/5G PPP projects, we have assembled a team of "trusted partners" with whom we offer an expanded expertise with a large set of technological expertise and an expanded set of services.

What is the "Trusted Partnership"?

  • A set of "trusted partners" gathered around InterInnov, providing complementary expertise in service and technology, and in several vertical sectors
  • Composed of InterInnov, 5 SMEs and 1 industrial company, all interested in being part of a trusted combined offer to 5G PPP Call 2 projects/consortia

Technological Expertise offered by the "Trusted Partners"

The set of "trusted partners" offer the following expertise in relation with the 5G Infrastructure Association's "pre-structuring model" for 5G PPP Call 2.

5G PPP Trusted Partnership

Expertise in verticals offered by the "Trusted Partners"

The set of "trusted partners" offer the following expertise in relation with a few vertical sectors. We may bring such expertise in specific use cases and we also bring organisations from those sectors into the project if it is required.

5G PPP Trusted Partnership

Service offer from the "Trusted Partners"

In addition to InterInnov's service offer in relation with:

  • Community building and stakeholders' identification and engagement
  • Promotion and communication
  • International cooperation, interaction with other initiatives and communities

(more details here), the "trusted partnership" also offers:

  • Support to Project Management & Coordination
  • Web Site and Social Channels
  • Expertise in Impact & Exploitation and in Ethics / Responsible R&I

How does the "Trusted Partnership" work?

5G PPP Trusted Partnership

Benefit for you:

  • An extended offer with one interlocutor to start with
  • An extended set of technological expertise and service offer -and still a fully flexible and modular offer

Benefit for us i.e. the "trusted partners" around InterInnov: we expand our own offer and hope to work together in some projects as we trust each other!

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