About us


Who We Are

In 2009 interinnov started with one specific challenge in mind

Bridge the gap between innovation and the real world

We want to transform the breakthroughs achieved by brilliant minds in Science and Technology into actual benefits to target communities and the society.

We believe in a positive and colourful vision for the future.


How we are


Change is constant, so we are ready to adapt to the unknown


We speak English, French, Spanish, and Italian

Gender equal

We defend the same rights, resources and opportunities for women and men

Skill balanced

The perfect mix of tech-savvy with the market mindset


Our team



Jacques Magen

Chief Executive Officer


Jacques has more than 30 years of experience in international R&D and innovation all over Europe and beyond, most specifically in the field of IT and telecommunications. This includes 15+ years in research and innovation collaborative programmes, both in industry and in national and regional funding public agencies. Jacques is currently the Chairman of Celtic-Plus, and a member of the Board of Directors of the 5G Infrastructure Association. He is also a member of the Steering Board of the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform, as well as the Chair of the FIWARE Mundus Committee.


Jose Gonzalez

Chief Operating Officer

Jose has been committed to cutting-edge Tech Innovation since 2010. In the past 5 years, Jose contributed to the success of 8 ICT projects in the areas of Future Internet, IoT and 5G, in the European Research and Innovation Programme. He has co-led the international growth of the FIWARE open source community. Besides launching two business ideas as an Intrapreneur, Jose completed an International Talent Program in Chile as Strategic Advisor of Telefonica R+D. He graduated with honors a M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, and is certified as Scrum Master by the Scrum Alliance.


Giulia Pastor

Project Manager

Giulia has been working on the INFINITY, XIFI, FI-LINKS and Euro-5G projects, on matters related to community building and stakeholders’ engagement, as well as training sessions. Giulia is also dealing with financial and administrative issues within InterInnov. Before joining InterInnov, Giulia worked as a Junior Consultant in an SME involved in the management and dissemination of European FP7 projects. She holds a Master's degree in European Studies from the University of La Sorbonne and a degree in Political Sciences and International Relations.


Géraldine Quetin

Senior Consultant

Géraldine has been working in projets related to the FIRE initiative (Future Internet Research & Experimentation) as well as the WeHubs project on women entrepreneurship. Geraldine has been involved for more than 15 years in the incubation industry. She started an incubator in Paris, ran another one in Sophia Antipolis in France, and managed a start-up programme in the US. She is a former Board Member of the French and European (EBN) Incubators Network. She also teaches entrepreneurship in Universities and Research Centers for PhDs and master degree students. Geraldine graduated with a Master's Degree in Innovation and Technologies Management from Paris-Dauphine.


Dorothée De Keyzer

Marketing Manager

Dorothée has been working on designing and implementing various brand elements, from logo, brochures, promotional items, stationary, to web sites with different European organisations for the last two decades. She previously lived in the US, where she co-founded a non-profit organisation aimed at providing library and museum digital content. While the core of her practice revolves around brand development, activities such as web integration and animations come in to complete the range of her activities.