InterInnov is particularly involved in the area of Information & Communications Technology, and more specifically in the telecommunications domain. We are a member of the Board of the 5G Infrastructure Association and a member of the Steering Board of NetWorld2020, the European Technology Platform dedicated to communication networks and services. InterInnov is also involved in innovation and entrepreneurship, especially at international level. We are chairing the FIWARE Mundus Committee, within the FIWARE Foundation. In the various projects we are involved into, we intervene in particular as follows:


Community Building / Stakeholders’ Engagement

Thanks to our large network of contacts all over Europe and beyond, we help identify the stakeholders and communities which may be required to increase the use of the outcomes of your project or to be involved whenever required to strengthen these outcomes. This is often identified nowadays as ‘community building’ and ‘stakeholders’ engagement’ tasks or work packages.


Promotion and Dissemination / External Communications

We increase the visibility of the project via promotion and dissemination activities e.g. identification of relevant events and organization of the participation of the project, production of PR material such as leaflets and posters as well as videos, coordination of promotion and dissemination activities. Our leaflets and posters have been widely recognized by the partners of the projects we participate into. We also promote the project if necessary towards high-level officials at European (European Parliament, European Commission…), national, regional and local level. These activities are often identified as ‘promotion and dissemination’ or ‘external communications’ tasks or work packages.

International relations / international coordination

We have an extensive network of contacts at European and at international level including in countries such as Canada, the US, Korea... and can make the project liaise with the relevant initiatives and programmes at international level. We can organize and support the participation in events in these countries or participation of organisations from these countries in activities and events related to the project.


Coordination of tasks and work packages

In all the projects in which we participate we coordinate tasks and/or work packages. We bring very good coordination skills and are often involved in the Project Management Board where we provide general support and guidance to the project strategy –once again in ‘navigating’ throughout the European and worldwide R&D landscape.

Support to technical activities

On issues such as sustainability, exploitation, business models...


Support to project management

e help you ‘navigate’ in the context of European R&D programmes and make your project liaise with other relevant projects or initiatives; we can also support your project management activities. These activities are often identified as ‘external relations’ or ‘project office’ tasks or work packages. Please note that we do not support the administrative and financial activities (but we have relations with other companies who can perform well this type of activities).


This list is certainly not exhaustive and we can also support and coordinate other types of activities –for example in the XIFI project we also coordinate the organization of the tasks related to training (in addition to stakeholders’ engagement).

Feel free to contact us and make us a part of your consortium!