InterInnov at the FIRE Forum in Bratislava


InterInnov organised and facilitated the 2016 edition of the FIRE Forum, which was held in Bratislava, in parallel to the ICT Proposers’ Day organised by the European Commission.

The FIRE Forum attracted around 60 participants to discuss the future of Internet and its relation with 5G and IoT.

The Forum started with a presentation of the Next Generation Internet by EC officer Peter Faltenig, showing the new organization of DG CNECT with respect to its strategy and discussing its impact on the current FIRE initiative (Future Internet Research & Experimentation). Then two major sessions were held with selected panellists, aiming at understanding how FIRE could serve as a basis for large-scale experimentation for 5G and IoT. FIRE projects which developed testbeds showed their results and discussed the needs expressed by 5G and IoT stakeholders for an increased mutual understanding.

Finally, nine FIRE projects described their current Open Calls, so that new partners could join and make use of FIRE testbeds.

It was a vibrant event, and people lingered late after the event to continue discussions in small groups.

Dorothee De Keyzer