InterInnov helps SMEs increase their visibility in 5G


InterInnov is present at the ICT Proposers' Day in Budapest, Hungary. We have been leading the NetWorld2020 SME Working Group (WG) for two years, animating a large group of SMEs in the ICT domain and more particularly in the area of telecommunications and 5G. During the event in Budapest, Nicola Ciulli from Nextworks presented the latest achievements of the SME WG at the 5G PPP session on behalf of Jacques Magen, Chairman of the SME WG and of InterInnov. A dedicated page entitled "Find your SME" has been updated for the Budapest event, to focus on the requirements of the upcoming 5G PPP Phase 3 calls. In addition, a number of videos have been put on line by InterInnov to show the added value of SMEs in 5G PPP projects (InterInnov is responsible for all 5G PPP related videos).

Dorothee De Keyzer