1st EXCITING Conference on EU-China Collaboration on 5G and IoT Research


The 1st Conference of EU-China Collaboration on 5G and IoT Research, which took place in Beijing on March 9th, 2017, was a great success with presentations and panels gathering major EU and China stakeholders. It was organised by the EXCITING project on EU-China study on IoT and 5G, partly funded by the EC and the Chinese Government.

The conference gathered the project partners on both EU and Chinese side, together with the members of the project Advisory Board, to get knowledge from the major stakeholders (Policy makers, public authorities, Research community and Industry) on 5G and IoT Research strategies.

The target was to raise awareness of the importance of joint actions and collaboration, and collect information about standardisation, test-beds and large-scale pilots.

InterInnov is more specifically in charge of analysing the framework for EU-China partnerships and regulations, as well as the status of Chinese Future Internet ecosystem in order to compare it with EU.

The event allowed to collect valuable opinions on how to support and facilitate concrete collaboration between EU and China in the future, and a number of recommendations will follow.

Dorothee De Keyzer