Build up and develop your international research and innovation partnerships.


You have an idea, a vision, a project, a prototype, and you want to have access to complementary skills or expertise to transform it into a fully fledged innovative service or product. You want to see it adopted widely, and maybe one day to sell it worldwide. What you need is the right partner(s). But you do not have the time, or the contacts, or the capacity, to find such partners.

InterInnov can help you find the most appropriate partner(s). Through previous work with large companies, universities and research institutes, European and national R&D programmes, InterInnov has been in constant relationship for many years with a great number of players involved in research and innovation all over Europe and beyond.

InterInnov can understand your technology, agree with you upon the number and type of partners you would like to work with, and then find such partners. We can also suggest the most appropriate type of relationships that you could consider, and help you building up the contractual relationship and find the right public funding scheme if this is required.

You want to participate in H2020? Look at how we can help. We can also help you identify other opportunities of public funding.