Project Management

Find the right partners and increase your chances of success when submitting a project proposal - Manage your project in the most efficient way.

project management

You have an idea for an R&D project and you want to expand and complement your own expertise, or you do not have the time and resources to perform all the tasks required for achieving success. Also you are not sure which public R&D framework will best support your effort.

Or you have an innovative idea and you would like to build up a full fledged project. You would like to get public support because you want to share the risk and you need additional resources.


In both cases InterInnov can support your proposal and then your project. We offer expertise and support to industrial companies, universities and research institutes, as well as public institutions, willing to participate in European and international collaborative research programmes such as FP7 or EUREKA, or national R&D programmes. In particular, we may help you:

  • During the proposal preparation stage, to find the right partners and build up the perfect consortium, and to draft the proposal and increase your chances of success;
  • During the course of the project, to manage and organize your project to ensure efficient reporting with the project officer as well as win-win relationships with all other organizations or projects you are required to deal with ;
  • Engage into awareness, communication and PR activities that help your consortium and your organization be visible and make the best out of the project.

Supporting your organization in such activities is built upon InterInnov's wide experience with R&D framework programmes from the European Commission, EUREKA, and national and regional innovation administrations and agencies. See all our references!