InterInnov participates in the To-Euro-5G coordination action supporting the communications networks and services industry in Europe and beyond, as part of the 5G Public-Private Partnership. The project liaises with the 5G Infrastructure Association and the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform. InterInnov is a Board member of both entities. In the To-Euro-5G project, InterInnov is leading the community building, promotion and communications activities. We are responsible in particular for the promotional material related to the 5G PPP including the dedicated YouTube channel and the brochures and flyers. InterInnov also chairs the SME Working Group.



The FI-GLOBAL project is responsible for the FIWARE Mundus initiative, that is bringing the FIWARE solution to cities and industry worldwide. Within this project we are responsible for engaging with stakeholders at international level. We are leading the FIWARE Mundus Committee, that is part of the FIWARE Foundation.



EXCITING is a project co-funded by the European Commission and the Chinese government, aiming at supporting the creation of favourable conditions for cooperation between the European and Chinese research and innovation ecosystems in the key strategic domains of IoT and 5G.

InterInnov is particularly in charge of the framework analysis for EU-China partnerships and regulations, the review of European Future Internet ecosystems and their comparison with China, and will finally prepare a white paper on EU-China Future Internet Policy, identifying challenges, opportunities and recommendations for policy and eco-system co-operation between EU and China.


5G-MEDIA is the project within the 5G Public-Private Partnership seeking to boost media-related applications through state of the art 5G infrastructure capabilities. Leveraging on the expertise of a first-rate team of 14 European organizations, InterInnov is leading the impact, dissemination and exploitation activities associated to such initiative. This includes community building, promotion and communication, as well as interactions with the other 5G PPP projects and other projects and initiates that are relevant to 5G-MEDIA.



InterInnov has been selected to support the design of an accelerator programme for the Gaston Berger University in Senegal, in the framework CEA MITIC (African Centre of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science and ICT).

The World Bank has selected 19 university-based Centers of Excellence in seven countries in West and Central Africa, funded for advanced specialized studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related disciplines, as well as in agriculture and health. CEA MITIC is one of them. 

CEA MITIC wants to accelerate the transformation of their scientific assets though technology transfer and by supporting the creation of start-ups. InterInnov will support CEA MITC in this task for three years.



In partnership with Eurescom, InterInnov is involved in the Celtic-Plus European strategic programme in telecommunications. Celtic-Plus is a EUREKA ICT cluster. Since November 2011, Jacques Magen, Chairman of InterInnov, is the Chairman of Celtic-Plus.


Some of our past projects



InterInnov participated in the FIRE+ Study, which provided guidelines and coordination to the FIRE (Future Internet Research & Experimentation) initiative of the European Commission. This study was eventually closely related with the new Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative.


WeHubs was an ambitious coordination and support action that has successfully set up a network of dedicated nodes all around Europe in order to support women web entrepreneurs. The main objective is to use existing entrepreneur’s ecosystems and help them provide services to women, whenever that is required.

From 2013 to 2015, InterInnov participated in the XIFI project that is paving the way for the establishment of a common European market for large-scale trials for Future Internet and Smart Cities through the creation of a sustainable pan-European federation of Future Internet test infrastructures. The XIFI open federation is leveraging existing public investments in advanced infrastructures and is supporting advanced large-scale deployment of early trials Future Internet applications and solutions across a multiplicity of heterogeneous environments and sector use cases.


From 2011 to 2014, InterInnov was involved in the INFINITY project, which provides developers, experimenters, smart cities and regions with an open web repository providing information on existing infrastructures that could be used for pilot experimentations and trials. This help innovative products and applications to go faster to the market with more stable and scaleable products and solutions.


In 2010-2012, InterInnov supported Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France in the management of the ETICS FP7 project. ETICS is an Integrated Project within the 7th Framework Programme for R&D of the European Union. This work was performed in cooperation with Eurescom.

EUREKA network

In 2010-2011, InterInnov advised the Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship, mostly on EUREKA Clusters and industrial matters, during the course of the Chairmanship.


InterInnov supported a start-up called Insiteo to prepare and submit a Eurostars proposal, which succeeded in becoming a full-fledged project.