InterInnov is ready to assist you when it comes to   international   research and innovation cooperation.


InterInnov has been working with many organisations and public authorities all around the world, in the EU and also in countries such as Turkey, Israel, Canada, USA, Korea... Just ask us and we will find the right partners for your research and innovation activities   

Make your ideas, your vision, your project and your organization more visible internationally

You have an idea, a vision, a project, a service or a product in which you believe. But to succeed it needs to be made more visible at European or international level.

Or your organization is well known locally but you want it to be known at European and international level, so that you may more easily find the appropriate partners, customers, or providers.

In both cases InterInnov can help you develop all types of awareness actions, from leaflets to web sites to actual lobbying actions, participation or interventions in conferences and exhibitions, that will make you more visible and better known at international level.

InterInnov will define with you the best action plan according to your need for better visibility. We may then perform all the tasks that have been agreed upon, fully in line with the strategy that will have been defined.

This activity is based on InterInnov’s extensive international lobbying experience with all types of institutions, as well as knowledge of the research, innovation and economic world, and the faculty to design and implement documents, web sites and actual actions along with its network of partners.

And also...

We can also help in finding relevant competence in our network of partners for your business development!